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Originally posted by Svein:
But in the end - if she's not able to sail the seas like she was mean't for, I rather cherish her memory than see her as some tacky floating hotel somewhere.
Svein, I wonder if our paths did cross on SS Norway in 2001, as I recall talking to an officer who gave me exactly this same response! (Of course, it could have been one of many.)

Back to the topic at hand -- as we have another thread dedicated to SS Norway herself -- it is nice to hear that there were only minor changes soon after Star Cruises took over. Yet, I heard in my conversations with crew that the changes that came later with Freestyle took some getting used to. Now, without getting yourself into trouble, of course, was that the consensus when you were onboard, too?

Others -- please chime in, as well, from a pax perspective. In my case, I have only Norwegian Majesty on which to base an opinion, and I have always received great service on this ship that is so dear to me.
Happy cruising!