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I was watching an episode of 20/20 on TV a couple of weeks back. They were talking about a rare disorder which affected some people who came back from a cruise. It was called "Disembarkation Syndrom". There was this one young lady, who after returning from a cruise, felt the dizzy sensations one can sometimes feel after a cruise. The sensations as if you were still on the cruise ship when it was in motion out at sea. Eventually that sensation would go away, except in her case. That dizzy sensation never went away and has remained with her for more than a year after the cruise. Therefore she was diagnosed with "Disembarkation Syndrom".

In my case, I felt those same dizzy sensations. To me it felt like the up and down pitching of the ship. Or, when you are standing in waist deep water at the beach being knocked around by the waves. I expierienced those dizzy sensations for about a week and a half on my first cruise, and for a few days after my third cruise. It was annoying. I had to sit down while changing my clothes, or else I would loose my balance. At work, I was constantly bumping my co-workers in the narrow halways. While driving, it felt as if the car was constantly lunging forward which caused me to use the brake unecessarely a few times. I did not feel those dizzy sensations at all after my second cruise.

The reason I feel, was that on my first and third cruise, my cabins were completely forward, close to the bow of the ship. On my second cruise, my cabin was almost perfectly mid-ship.

Fortunately for me, those dizzy sensations went away with time. For that young lady on TV, she was not so lucky.

So, I was wondering if anyone here has ever heard of "Disembarkation Syndrom"? Has anyone hear ever expierience those dizzy sensations and were troubled by them for a significant time after the cruise?