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Well there are a few things you have to consider in this case, let be objective in the situation:

1. If you "fell" or "jump" from a balcony on a cruise ship you are either a drunk or a moron, probably both.

2. Why the cruise line don't charge this people? I feel sorry for all the people that pay good money to go on a cruise, sometimes they have to wait years in order to do so, and then they lose one of their port of call because of this.

3. The guy jump, so be my guest, you want it you got it, I cannot feel sorry for him
SORRY I am a bad person but he ASK FOR IT!!!

4. My only problem is that one day, because of this people, they will have to change our balconies a put a fence on them just becuase someone does not know how to drink.

So I hope I never have to deal with a situation like this, because is not carnival foult I think they should ban them for life from any cruise line...