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This may be your opinion of how you saw your cruise. I'm sure there's many who had a totally different experience and wouldn't describe the cruise with the colorful adjectives such as you have. First, your travel agent would have been wise to brief you on what to expect with Costa sailing out of Europe. More and more people each year discover the wonderful world of cruising. This includes those from many other countries than America. We live in a diverse world and everyone should learn to tolerate those from different cultures. The cruise lines have adapted to this by offering announcements and the daily events paper in different languages. Even the cruise lines sailing in the Caribbean are making announcements in different languages.

The Costa Fortuna has plenty of places to eat. Including two main dining rooms each two level, the buffet area, and a Dining Club. The buffet area can often be crowded at peak times. Particularly in that hour before the ships sails after being in port all day.

As Dave mentioned Costa is owned by Carnival Corp & PLC. Not Carnival Cruise Lines. It is Carnival Cruise Lines that has the vacation guarantee. Even with Carnival Cruise Lines guarantee you must request to leave the ship before the first port.