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A question was posed in one of our other forums about NCL soda packages, so I'll respond to it here so that it's more visible. Everyone, please feel free to add to this, as it's almost two years since my last NCL cruise (but only 5 months until the next, but I digress).

NCL offers two soda packages, one for pax age 12 or younger, and another for pax age 13 or older. The difference is the price. The one for the younger group is $4.00 per day, the one for the older group is $6.25 per day. Note that this is not paid by the day, but rather by the cruise. For example, the soda program for a 7-night cruise for a child would be $28. A 15% gratuity is tacked onto that. You can purchase it in advance as a Bon Voyage gift to yourself, or you may purchase it soon after you board the ship.

Soda includes certain Pepsi items and club soda. Details may be found on NCL's Web site -- click here.

I've never used the soda program, but I have seen it used by other pax. This might have changed as it was a couple of years ago, but they had a card they presented to the bartender or waiter. Soda came in a glass (although I see that NCL now includes a thermal mug). The advantage of the program is that you won't have to sign a slip each time. But, do determine in advance if the cost is worth it. I have a couple of club sodas a day, so it wasn't worth it to me. (I don't recall the exact cost per can without the program, but I believe it was $1.50-$2.00.)

Any questions, ask away!
Happy cruising!