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Hello all. My family and I are booking our very first cruise out of Baltimore in October, and the first stop is in Orlando. By that time, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter should be open at Universal Studios, and I am very interested in going. (Such a geek I am!)
Carnival is offering an excursion (transportation and tickets) for about $150, with a time of 10 hours, with roughly an hour each way to and from the ship, so roughly 8 hours at the park. Does anyone know if this is enough time to enjoy at least this portion of the park without being rushed? I know they advise you not to do Disney in a day, but I don't have much experience with the larger theme parks in general, and I don't know when I would have a better chance! On the flip side, I also wouldn't enjoy it as much if I feel hurried. If anyone has done this excursion, I'd appreciate your insights, I really want this cruise to go well!