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I am sure everyone has heard the highly publicized and sensationalized news story last week. In case you didn't, here it is: The Seabourne Spirit was attacked by would-be pirates off the coast of Ghana, Africa. They were wheelding RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades: a.k.a. Bazookas)and Kolashnikov (AK-47) rifles. The pirates may have fired their rifles and some launched their RPGs at the Spirit. One of the RPGs landed on-deck onboard the Spirit unexploded. At least one passenger or crew member on-board snapped a photo of the pirates in their tiny Trout-fishing-boat, as well as one photo of the unexploded RPG shell onboard. However, the piracy attempt was foiled when the Spirit went to full throttle ahead and ended-up out running the pirates.

So, I was wondering what everyone thought of that story? Is piracy something new for cruise ship passengers to worry about? Now that the whole world has heard the news, has it given bad guys in any costal country, some new ideas or inspiration?

Although, I guess cruising never was completely safe. Does everyone remember a passenger named Leon Klinghopper? He was aboard the cruiseship Achilli Lauro. This was going back about 20 years ago, if I'm correct.

So, anyway, I would like to hear from everyone about this. Was that incident last week just an isolated incedent, or is it the sign of a growing trend? Should people take it into consideration next time they book a cruise? Or what?