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First of all, I thank each of you who took the time to respond to my issues concerning Toddlers and their swimming options, or lack there-of, on the Disney cruise. I am in COMPLETE agreement that the sanitary issues associated with a non potty trained child are very real and are genuine reason to not have them "mixed" with the potty trained swimmers. No argument there at all. My issue is with Disney for NOT having such a pool specifically designated for these very special travelers. I mean they use to have the Mickey ears of the childrens pool sectioned off just for the toddlers. The water was separated from the main pool. And that water was tested regularly, as are all the pools. And when Mickey ear pool did warrant a change of water, the pool was quickly emptied, cleaned and refilled. All done systematically and understood/appreciated by all the other parents. Again, no one would dispute this issue in any part. My gripe is that this option was no longer available! Now I don't know what year they changed it, but it had to be within the last 2 years. I still stand by my argument, that there needs to be a swimming pool , be it a small, easily cleaned/water quickly changed pool for these little passengers. I live in a condo development and there is large family pool and a smaller kiddie pool. I can honestly say that kiddie pool water is tested repeatedly and changed as warranted. So easy to do. So if it can be done on land, why can't DISNEY, with all their Imagineers create a kiddie pool that is truely kid and family friendly? I know I have gone on and on, but this is such a sensitive and still very raw topic for me. The solution seems so simple, just do it DISNEY.
Finally, to clear up my communicaiton, I am not an advocate of lying, as I did when I went into the pool with my granddaughter. It felt wrong to do so. Thankfully, she had no accidents. But had I brought her into the fountain spray area, she would have been trampled and very possibly hurt by the scores of older/stronger children who were enjoying these fountains in ways that a 2 year old would have gotten hurt for sure.

I hope I have cleared up my issues regarding kiddie pools, swimming diapers and DISNEY not accomodating a significant percentage of their guests.... especially when a family has more than one child. You cannot be in two places at once and nobody wants to have their child crying hysterically because they aren't allowed to go swimming when a.) they see all the other kids are swimming, and b.) they are on a DISNEY cruise... (doesn't that equate to a water vacation?)

Thanks for listening. I am sure I have put some of you into nap time. Sorry. But I would love to hear how others dealt with this issue, or how they will handle it if they have a DISNEY cruise coming up in their future vacation plans.
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