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Originally posted by daddyx2:
Ok I am not a huge fan of CCL for a few reasons...Never liked the food, the place is a mad house...and the kids run wild...however I have not been on CCL for about 6 years now...has anything changed? I like the Liberty and the Freedom but I'm afraid to have the same experience as we had before. Can someone help me out?
DaddyX2, My daughter dances on the Liberty, and I have sailed on it and some other friends as well. Fun Ships do tend to be very active, running activities well into the night, loud steel drums on deck, lots of kids. Food is good but not high fine dining, I find it just right for me. I do understand that the ships have changed some over the last 5 years. My daughter started 5 years ago and many things have changed, but the energy level and activity level has not. The menus are somewhat expanded to include vegatarian choices and low carb choices and now have somethings that you can get any night, like a simple steak, or shrimp.
The shows are bigger but more standard across ships, more Vegas style shows, She does 5 shows a week now, early and late shows, used to be 2 shows for 7 days and 3 shows for 8 day cruises.
you will find the Cruise Director loud, boisterious, pumping you up, asking you to cheer almost all the time. my favorite is the 60,000 mile rule, "If they live within 60,000 miles cheer for them like a neighbor"
However, if this is not your style then stick with the ships you like.