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I do alot of drinking on board ( Bud Light) I save money just to cover my drinks. I thought about bringing beer onboard but then I said why go thru the hassle of hiding it and sneeking around.
the last two cruises I wish I did take my own beer they ran out of bud light both times by the time we got to Freeport.

however I'd rather pay for the beer than pay more to cruise due to the lines loss of income from smugglers.

actually the beer prices onboard are cheaper than beer where I go out.

I just spent the weekend On long Island and a budlight was $4.00 and I usually tip a $1.00 per beer so I save money drinking on a cruise.

play by the rules so we all can still cruise cheaper.
the last cruise I went on I saw someone opening up their luggage in the parking lot...the wife was yelling at the guy...I looked and the luggage was leaking something terrible.. dont know what it was but boy was she upset about her clothes.