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We've been to all 3 places- St. Maarten a couple times- there we snorkled or went to Orient Beach- always great times--At St. Kitts we did the railway along the old sugarcane fields- a very pleasant day (great mango dacquris), but at Tortola we went on a snorkling trip that took us out to a place were we snorkled in the ocean and then could go snorkling in caves- there were openings in the tops of the caves so some light came in- the coral there was very vivid- I'll never forget that day- although I'd warn you to wear dive gloves- I accidently touched the coral-depth perception can be off in the water and I got a touch of sun-poisoning ( I was having such a good time that even with sunscreen I was in too long- I now wear an acrylic hoodie over my swimsuit- my husband says I look like a pearl diver- but this way I don't miss out on the next day's activities)