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We were in Belize on July 23 & Roatan on July 24-2008
Well we totally enjoyed ourselves in both Belize & Roatan. We booked our shore excursions through the Carnival website and though we probably paid a few dollars more than local, you run the risk of some excursions filling up fast if you wait. In Belize we went on the City tour and also the Airboat adventure. Definitely an eye opener for all of us,the semi poverty side of town on the way out and the definitely poverty side of town on the way back in.The Airboat adventure was very interesting and thrilling, we got to see some manatees feeding and as well alot of different birds and eco tropical plants etc. Imagine yourself seated in a flat bottom boat with 11 other people, ear protection on your head and at the back of the boat is a very powerful 450hp engine, that is very capable of moving the boat through the water at a very high speed. The operators of the boat are very capable drivers and give everyone a thrill ride.
In Roatan we had booked a tour for the Animal refuge where we actually saw a varietyof parrots, tucans etc. The highlight wasof course the spider monkeys that love to be petted and given alot of attention. They will actually come down and sit on your shoulders and allow you to pet them. WARNING: remove your had, jewellery and anything shiny including any cans of sunscreen or you will lose them to the little critters-lol. They love pop and have nop particular flavor, they have hands and fingers like us and are very capable of unscrewing the caps.And some of them have a wicked pitch as well.

Overall the shore excursions were very well priced,and narrated. We would definitely go back again only this time with our kids. Hope this helps with the info for shore excursions.