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Lisa Delta and all other airline for that matter see their flights are over booked or have stand by pax will start giving up seats at the 20 min mark.... I saw this last year in EWR (Newark) the Transat flight to Frankfurt was completely sold out and at boarding they had 7 passengers too many. They asked for 5 volenteers 3 of which were my family. While doing our paperwork the second agent was holding a look out for 2 platium Elites on the flight from Philli. The flight was already on the ground and these 2 were already on the run any way the gate agent told her partner they are not going to make it!! and that was it. Unfortunately fo CO those 2 passengers did make it and the in this case too the plane was still at the gate with doors open and they had boarding passes BUT they were not allowed to board. They found themselves on the same flight we were on the next day but because of their status they got uprgraded and we just got the vouchers.