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Too many pay venues. Just like NCL. Scary trend.
I agree. One of the attractions of cruising, I think, is the semi all-inclusive nature in days of old, where the only extra costs were drinks, tips and shore excursions. Now folks have to either budget a lot of extra money, or just decide not to take advantage of the pay venues. Cruise lines are hoping for the former, despite the high prices just to be onboard a new ship like Oasis. I know the rationale behind some of the extra cost venues is crowd control, and to control waste (one bite out of cupcakes, etc) but I think all the extra costs cut down somewhat on the advantages of cruising over a land based vacation. Makes folks want to take a second look at the more upscale cruise lines that actually ARE all-inclusive.

We noticed a restaurant on Monarch of the Seas with a regular restaurant menu and a la carte pricing, just like in a land based restaurant.