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Our Son and his family have made it across the US. they were luck, they missed the storms in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona by a day. They are off to Whidbey Island in Washington. We said we would watch the kids while they get settled in to there new quarters.
You know Grandkids (4,6, and 7) are great, our are fairly well behaved, and keep busy.
I have forgotton how much energy kids that age have!!! I told my wife we should have taken them on a cruise this week, it would have been cheaper than feeding them... With that said we are having the time of our lifes, and the parents are also. This is the first time our daughter-in-law has had a mini break in 8 years.
The plan is for us to met them half way on Thursday. I know my wife will cry most of the way home.

How are you Grandkids?
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