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When I was on Rapsody of the Seas the only way to the big lounge (I've forgotten the name of it) where they did quest and other popular entertainment was to go through the karaoke bar. On nights when events were planned in that big lounge they'd have what they called Kamikaze Karaoke. As people would walk through the host would ambush them and stick the mike in their hand. Then the audience and host would encourage them to sing to a random song he'd cue up. If they turned red and resisted the crowd would pressure more and he'd offer a prize if they'd go ahead and do the song. Usually they were with spouses or friend who would almost always side with the crowd and try to encourage or shame them into it. It was among the funniest things I ever saw.

My wife never entered that bar again or even went near it. She is incredibly shy and was terrified she'd be ambushed. She made me enter every venue from the bars to the casio first for the rest of the trip.

Cheers, Neil