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Hello everyone! Our family is going on a first time cruise through Make-A-Wish. Leaving Feb 21st out of Galviston TX, for 7 nights/Western Caribbean. We'll be stopping in Roatan, Honduras; Costa Maya and lastly Cozumel. I don't see many posts for Voyager of the Seas. Would like to hear what people think who have been onboard. Hoping it will be okay!

My daughter's wish is to see some Mayan ruins and then to swim with dolphins. Cozumel seems to have the best opportunities for doing dolphin swims. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with either Dolphinaris or the ones at Chankannab. I'm leaning towards Dolphinaris for our choice, but would like some input if anyone has any experience with either one or both facilities. Children are 14 and 6. I noticed Dolphinaris has an age minimum of 4, but then a height minimum of 48inches! My 6 yr old is only 43 inches tall. Is this really going to be a problem? Or as long as she is with an adult is it ok?

Since we'd do the Dolphins for our Cozumel excursion, we're looking at seeing the Mayan ruins in Costa Maya. There we are wondering if one is an easier walk than the other. Daughter doesn't have a tremendous amount of stamina right now due to her illness and mom has a quirky back/hip. So we have the choice of doing a Kohunlich Mayan Ruins(6 hrs. 30 mins. with 4 hours total travel time to and from) or doing the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins (4 hours with 2 hours total travel time). I'm leaning towards the Chacchoben ruins just because I know kids aren't going to want to spend 4 hours in a bus. But is the amount of walking around extreme and would you feel "pushed" by the group? Just not sure what to expect for her and am wondering again if anyone has been there and can fill us in!

The stop in Roatan would be on our own, is there something that a family would enjoy or a particular beach that you'd recommend? We'd do maybe a little shopping, but are not avid shoppers unless there is a really good place to get some great souvenirs.

Also, safety issue there anything that us tourists need to watch out for in particular when going to the aforementioned ports. For some reason, I'm a little nervous about Roatan and Costa Maya? Not sure why.

BTW...I've been lurking on the boards and doing a ton of reading in preparation for the trip and what to pack etc. These boards are great and I truly appreciate the reviews and expertise that people have shared thus far. Great place to do ones research! Thank you!!

Also, on another subject I'm thinking of bringing our formal wear (unpressed so I don't have to worry about wrinkles!) and sending it to the laundry for pressing the first night we get on board. Does everyone do this and would we be pushing it to get it back if the formal night fell on the 2nd night?

I apologize for jumping all over the place! Thank you for your responses. We need to decide quickly on our excursions because Make-A-Wish wants to get those booked ASAP. Thank you everyone!