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If your experience is similar to ours you will be very pleased. When you consider that we normally dislike any kind of "tour" but loved ours with the Ekol folks, it is rare for us to admit we enjoyed a tour. EKOL is an interesting company and operate in multiple cities. In Kusadasi they own their own vehicles and employ professional drivers (ours spoke some English). As to the guides, they have some on their payroll and also supplement their guides by hiring other independent guides on contract. In our case our guide only worked part time for EKOL and spent a few months a year working as a guide in Russia and perfecting is Russian language skills (this guide was quite educated and had lots of language skills). During our visit to the Virgin Mary House we met another EKOL guide (a delightful lady) who was quite impressive with her knowledge and language skills. We will look forward to reading your review. I should add that our guide did offer to take us to the usual rug "factory" place and we politely declined. But we later ask him to take us to a good pottery factory since my wife wanted to pick up some pottery. The place he took us was really terrific and a real factory (we went into the workshop) where my wife negotiated a good price on a few pieces.