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We were just there last week & having been there before we didn't see anything of interest to tour. The port only has 1 building with some shopping & unless you do a tour there's not much else. Once you walk through the building there are a bunch of cabs waiting to load people. I walked off to take a few photo's of the trees & there were cab drivers on the road willing to negotiate for business. I don't know if their any cheaper or not but 1 guy wanted $40 for 2 people for the whole day. Again there isn't much of anything at the port to see & we weren't interested in seeing the city again.
There's a large bird cage with parrots & a few other birds behind the shopping terminal & you can walk by & feed the parrots but watch out for the Toucan because he's a biter. [IMG:left] [/IMG]
He'll let you get close to feed him through the fence but he'll grab you finger & his beak is sharp. I found out the hard way. The parrots were gentle & would eat out of your hand.