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MAJ. Woody,
You make me laugh! Me work for RCL or represent them in anyway - HA! NOT ON YOUR LIFE!! I am not sure why you seem so upset with me - I did not candy coat anything! I agreed with you that not having a self-service laundry/ironing room on RCL WAS a form of price gouging. I just tried to explain company policy on irons in the cabins (BTW - this policy holds true for all the cruise lines I have sailed). As for irons: While I know that many irons have an automatic shut-off, none of the TRAVEL irons I have seen/used have an automatic shut-off (not to say there aren't any - it's just not the typical travel iron).

Of course, steamers ARE permitted in the cabins and I have found them to be more effective for those little touch-ups than a travel iron anyway. Just a suggestion, if you wish to avoid being PRICE GOUGED.

Cruise Fanatic,
Thanks for coming to my defense. Interesting how just providing facts can be so misconstrued.


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