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I have sailed on Carnival 27 times. You should not be judging them from 10 years ago. They have really changed alot over the last five years. About the time they came out with the Spirit class ship. I have never had a problem with their food. Carnival will serve lobster on a three night cruise, when I went on the Sovereign 4nt I never saw lobster. I just came off the Costa Mediterreanea. I enjoyed the cruise but I felt their food was no better then Carnival. Carnival probably has more choice and better selection. Carnival's entertainment is much better. However, we are talking about Bermuda, and I agree with Lisa and Nancy. I did the Zenith out of Bayonne last August. The Zenith spends enough time in port that you can get a 4day bus pass to ride all over the island.
You can request a table for two, however; they are limited so the sooner you book and request it, the better.