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Hi All –

Billy, are these increases across the line? I’d imagine so but wondered if you knew for sure.

For my two cents – as the market gets more and more competitive and the prices keep dropping the lines have to make it up somewhere. They are operating a business after all.

We, like everyone right now, are very concerned about the economy so we decided to book an inside guarantee. We weighed the options taking into consideration that this is the celebration of my 50th year on the planet but in the end decided that frugality would win over extravagance! We’re okay with that. How much time will we spend in the cabin anyway? Plus, it frees up the cash to spend elsewhere.

So, for 1K (for the two of us) we’re getting 7 days accommodation, travel, meals and all the coffee, tea, water, and cappuccino we can consume. That’s about $142 a day for both of us! I think spending an extra $30 for a meal in Le Bistro is certainly worth every penny! The main dining rooms are there for the rest of the cruise and I seriously doubt we will ever be “brown bagging”. The lines know that is a line that could never be crossed. After all, what do you say to a friend when you find they’ll be taking a cruise for the first time?...’you’ll never go hungry’

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