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It would seem this was your first cruise. Let me review and comment on your post:

1. I've never been lied to by an RCI reservations or purser's desk employee. I've cruised 10 times with RCI.

2. No cruise line provides free rides to the end of the pier unless local regulations require it. In fact, most ports restrict traffic on piers to a bare minimum for security and safety reasons.

3. The "revenue enhancements" are the reason the cruise fare is as low as it is. I've never felt the OJ and coffee were "crummy" on RCI, any more than those items are on any mainstream cruise line. Internet on all cruise ships is via satellite and is slow. You might like to know that RCI has the lowest per-minute fee of any mainstream line.

4. You do not have to carry the souvenir cup for soda. Any bar will give you a glass of soda as long you show them the soda stamp on your cruise card. The "wine and dine" package clearly states it is for wine served in the dining room and not where ever you please. Again, I've never had a problem getting prompt service for wine.

5. Alcohol prices on RCI are typical for all cruise lines. This shouldn't be a surprise. Go to Carnival, Princess, NCL, whatever, and you'll pay $3.50 to $5 for a beer. RCI has a stringent policy about bringing alcohol aboard. Most lines do the same these days, to varying degrees. It is their policy. I've also never encountered a weak pour for cocktails on RCI. If anything, they are usually quite stout. But then I treat the bar staff nicely.

6. I recently used RCI's airport service and it was great. They even offered to "burn a bus" (send a bus with just me aboard) if I wanted it, instead of waiting a little while.

You obviously were intent on finding fault at every turn. It looks like you succeeded.