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To all fellow cruise chatters,
My comments and actions on the 26th of this month were rude and unacceptable. I look back on that thread every day and hang my head in embarassment. I was the one out of line. I thank everyone for their kind replies after my outburst but I did not deserve them. You should not reward that type of behaviour even if it was a misunderstanding. I didn't look at the context of the posts and I was too quick tempered to think rationally. I have a few personal apologies.
Dave Beers---First and foremost. He closed the thread and preserved what little dignity to which I am clinging. He has helped me edit many embarassing moments for myself. Thank you.
psychocruiser---You made a perfectly innocent comment and I listened to anger rather than reason. You showed a lot of character not flaming me after what I said.
IBCRUZIN---I may not have agreed with everything that you said but that did not give me license to hijack your thread and make it my personal medical diary.
BigPapa---I look back on the thread where I made fun of your grammar like a pompous idiot. Heck, I didn't even answer your question. How very arrogant of me. You only had thirteen posts and I should have welcomed you and shown you deserved respect.
gdjoslin---I appreciate you putting the link to that thread in one of your posts. You were right on target and I applaud your efforts in pointing out my stupidity. Chef ken only followed my example and I maintain full responsiblity for taking the thread in the wrong direction.
Jack---I have not been very nice to him on several posts. There again, I let arrogance get the best of me and I apologize to him. At least he gave me the deserved "fruitcake" title.

If I missed anyone, and I am sure that I have, it was surely not intentional. You guys are great and you've accepted me into your group. My sense of humor remains intact but I have to show more respect to members whether they have 2000 or only 2 posts. Thank you and I really don't need any replies. I would just prefer a moderator or administrator to lock it and let life go on.