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My kids were somewhat older when we began, but the wait staff was very good at bringing their food with the salad course so they could have something to occupy them, and keeping the dinner moving along before they could get too restless. We had a 4 and 6 year old boy at the next table a few years ago, their parents went to Chops and these two very young gentlemen elected to eat at their table alone. Not kidding. They were adorable (dropped off before and escorted out after by the parents) and had copious amounts of waitstaff attention that they did not require. they were just so cute! Anyhow, you will have had a chance to see how the dining room runs on a nonformal night before you need to decide--it is all very similar from night to night, formal or not there is no real change in how things operate.

You went on vacation to be with you kids. If you take a couple hours on a night or two to decompress with just each other it is all right. We have not done this--spending nearly every minute together--and maybe we should have.
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