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Originally posted by Rhein:

hearing that the american cruise lines (except NCL) are making a lot of money, I cannot believe, that there is none of these enterprises able or willing to renivate or save this historic american ship??? What about using it as a hotel in the port of Miami eg for people who have to spend a night in Miami before or after their cruise?????????
With the refurb, maintenence, opperating costs and other factors most older ships simply don't make economic sense vs building new state of the art ships that the masses of the cruising public will spend more each week to fill. With cost higher and revenues lower, there is a reason NCL and all the other lines are continuously modernizing their fleets and buiding new ships that have lower overhead, stabelizers, better facilities for childrens progams and fittness, etc. There is emotional and historical value in these ships but when you have to answer to stockholders for your bottom line each quarter they just don't make good business sense to keep on the seas. If some historical society wants to raise and spend the $$$ required to keep them in shape that would be great. For a corporation to do so would be an irresponsible expense, not an investment. Those here wanting these ships saved should start a foundation and seek philanthropists and common folks who care enough to cut a check to save them and bring them back to their glorious pristine condition and keep them there.

Cheers, Neil