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Who are these "people" you are referring to? Passengers on the cruise? You cannot believe everything you hear. Would you believe there are some unscruplous companies that hire people to go on cruises and purposely tell people they got their cruise for $$$$ (some ridiculously low price)just to get the people to book through that company. There are a lot of factors that determine the price. How far in advance you book, how full the ship is, what category and deck. There are always specials that are thrown in if a ship isn't filling the space by a certain timeframe. Also sometimes they may offer a special "residents offer" for one state and not another. So whoever you are talking to I wouldn't get so upset when they tell you their price. They may be giving you the price before taxes. They may have an outside cabin on the bottom deck. Where your outside cabin is 4 decks up. They may have booked 10 months prior and you booked 3 months prior. It is unfair to really compare prices with someone else when you don't have all the facts. I have compared prices on the three big internet sites Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, plus many big cruise sites, and I often find their prices equal to a Travel Agents.