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Yes, jodiroadie, try to get the reservations linked now. We thought we had done that with 8 people and 3 different agents on our last cruise. When we got to the ship we realized 4 of us were at one table and 4 were at another. I immediately went to the matre'd. The tables we were assigned to were round 8 seaters in a nice section of the dining room. I thought he would just switch 4 people from each table but he put us at another table. It was a long 10 seater right next to the kitchen. It was hard to talk to each other. Once nice thing was that he also put a couple with us who was traveling alone and got along well with our group. With 13 people you will most likely be at two tables.

I have another question about linking reservations. I'm organizing a group that is now 22 people. Could I request that we have the same wait staff for the 3 tables so we could switch seats different nights? Has anyone ever done this. Would I send an e-mail to teh matre'd?