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Hey! We're going on a cruise in May for our honeymoon and had some questions on excursions. First of all we really wanted a good beach to go to and relax. It seems like antigua has the prettiest beach of our options. Has anyone been to beaches in Antigua and how were they??

Second, there is a Beach Bar & Pub Hop in Barbados that looks quite fun. Has anyone done that??

My fiancee & I went Snuba in the Cayman Islands on our last cruise and he LOVED it. However on this one there is only one option for Snuba and that is in St. Maarten. Is this a do or a skip for a different excursion??

And lastly they're are some pretty awesome looking zip lines. Either in Antigua or St Lucia. However if we do a beach in Anigua we would rather do the zip in St. Lucia. Recommendations??

Thanks so much!!!