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Hi Bo, welcome to Cruise-Chat. With management trying to cut corners in every walk of life, no doubt the web page redesign was given to a contractor who may or may not have the expertise to do the job. Judging from what the representative told you, my guess is that they do not have the expertise. I would, however, hope that everything that can be done on-line can be done via the phone. After the representative sends you the excursion information, I'm sure you can narrow down your choices to a few and they can give you prices for them. This problem is definitely huge for Regents, and I'm sure they're working on correcting it.

We, the users, have become very accustom to doing everything on-line. There were days, not too long ago, that on-line was not heard of. I'm sure they're sorry for the inconvenience and will do their best to make your experience the best they can.

Hope we hear a good report after your cruise. Best wishes and once again, welcome aboard.