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I can see drinking is a major topic and I have read a lot of posts but I really cannot find answers to my questions. I have called the cruise line and they don't seem to have answers to much of anything. Thought I would try here -

I have never been on a cuise, we are going on the Pearl in a few months. I am more than happy to pay the cruise line to purchase drinks of all sorts but have found a big problem with in cabin beers. I think the in cabin liquor set up of like $50 a bottle is fair, but we prefer to have a few beers in our room or on the balcony together. I have been quoted like just over $4.50 per beer, which is $108 per case of domestic beer! I don't mind paying that per beer in a bar but that is too much for a case of room beer. Is there a cheaper way without smuggling that anyone knows of to have a case of beer in the room? I read somewhere the first day you can buy at the duty free shops, pay a corkage fee and take it to your room, is this true? If so, can you do it through out the cruise? Thanks!