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This upcoming trip, I'm packing a case of pop, case of water, and a case of Vodka (40 ouncers) heheheheheh Just kidding,

But now that you all mentioned it and I do have a 6 hour wait between getting off the plane and getting onto the ship, I'll get the taxi to stop at a grocery store so I can pick up the water and Pop. Ok I love pepsi, but not 43 dollars worth, as for the vodka, I'd love to but I find the drinks not that expensive and just not worth the hassle. THOUGH, I don't blame anyone who slips on a little bottle of booze, Does the bartender want to see me Trapse up to the bar at 11pm with my flannel jammies and fuzzy slippers on Hair up in rollers just to enjoy a nightcap in my ROOM? I think not!!!! ROFL

Definitely stopping at a grocery store! GREAT IDEA!!!!!!

By the way Whickey, you work on the rigs out there? I'm in a nuclear reactor. As soon as I get home, I pretty much drive back to Toronto a week later for a Women in Nuclear conference (Gone for a week with the girls! Hubby may enjoy the break after 8 days at sea!