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I think some of you misunderstood my daughter's age (not you, lpj!)
As a leap-child, she'll celebrate her 4th Feb. 29th onboard...making her 16. I don't think she'd like the wait staff to cut her meat for her!

Our other child is a son, who will just have turned 18. Not quite sure how that will work--will he be allowed in the teen areas? I'd like to think they could spend some time hanging out together--away from respective friends, they actually appear to like each other (a little)

My main question had to do with "special days"--pseudo holidays like Leap Day. I'm thinking Leap Frog contests, green drinks,etc. Has anyone sailed on a Leap Day before?

Thanks for all the replied--I'm very excited to be on Navigator of the Seas. Our first cruise was on Carnival's Imagination. Very nice, but smaller. With the kids, I thought the larger ship would offer more for them.

One more question--rules say we book with an adult in each room, so I imagine the beds in each room will be set up as twins. How perverted will we look if we ask to have the beds combined in the room my husband and son are booked to share?