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Originally posted by zulu:
Can anybody give me their advice on the best shore excursions in their opinon in St. Petersburg and costs if youu can?
Many thanks
I sailed on Costa to the Baltics several years ago, and whatever the price was at the time (which I can't remember, anyway) surely has changed by now.

I loved St. Petersburg. We did two half-day tours that day. The morning was a city tour, and the afternoon was a visit to the Hermitage. Both were awesome. Some ships' itineraries stay in St. Peterburg for 2 days, and I wish ours had done that. I'd have liked a full day city tour, and you need about a year to see everything in the Hermitage.

It was interesting that the morning tour had a start time to it, but the cruise line folks said they're never sure when, exactly, the tour will actually start. It depended on how long it took the Russian officials, who boarded the ship and looked at everyone's passport, to clear the ship and let the passengers disembark. We went down to the gangway area to line up and wait for permission to leave, and we saw many trays of the ship's pastries and other cakes and food had been brought down to the area where the officials were sitting at a table, looking at passports and other material. I guess Costa figured it couldn't hurt to do that each week!

It ended up that we did get off the ship in a timely manner and had a great time. I'd love to go back sometime.