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Originally posted by jamey:
i just got back from a cruise on the ccl imagination. i was not 100% satisfied with the cruise. it was the imaginations first voyage since the ship was dry docked.first the good, the ship was clean, the rooms were spacious for me.also the bed was very nice. we were located on the empress deck which was good. what was not up to par was the food and the service although our dinner waiter was good the staff at breakfast was not good and the staff of the buffet made us feel like we were crazy for telling them the salad bar was out of lettuce. we ordered room service(just coffee and a bagel)and it never came so we told our stuward and he said he would take care of letting someone know. the second time we ordered room service it again did not come so we stopped trying to order room service. i at this point can not recommend a carnival cruise unless u get a really good deal
Hi jamey, And welcome to Cruise-Chat!

Sorry to read that you can't recommend Carnival based on these trivial problems.

I am sure problems arise, as I have had a few trivial ones as well. As most do with any service oriented industry.

A salad bar running out of lettuce, and slow room service during peak breakfast times would not rank up high enough for me to not recommend them.

We always give our coffee and breakfast requests to our steward the night before. Or leave the card for them. They are usually on time or early. We always go to lunch when they first put out that wonderful spread.

Seems like an unfortunate set of circumstances.