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You heard correct livetotravel about the price of a beer at Atlantis, I think we paid about $7.50 for one at the lobby bar. Unless something has changed, you can see "The Dig" for free. The kids and you would enjoy that I'm sure. It is one of the aquariums on the resort. We were very lucky the day we were there, we just walked out a door and no one was there to stop us so we just kept going and toured the whole resort. We noticed when we came back that all the doors had someone there checking for proof that you were a guest at the resort. I don't know why there was nobody at the door we left from but it was a great day. Of course we didn't push our luck and try to use the slides or anthing like that but we saw a good portion of the resort. Also, I bought a slushy type drink at the Lagoon bar and it was around $10.00. Hope you have a great trip!