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Jim, Sandy,Dr L, and Beer and all the others.... please know that I am not going off anywhere offended. I was abrupt by my response to Sandy due to the shock of the possibility of having to provide documentation from doctors for breathing machines, which were two different docs in two separate towns. I was prepared to deal with the insulin pen and needle situation and not shocked over that and glad they monitor things like that very closely. I did appreciate all the suggestions and I also apologized if I was too strong with my response therefore I removed my response, yet left the apology. Don't know how to prove myself any further.

I do appreciate all the EXPERIENCE that comes in these forums and that is why I chose here to ask any questions. I am a RA patient and take a lot of medication for that which I had visions of having to get documentation to keep on hand for that too. But I have decided to suck it up and start soliciting all our physicians and get written on letterhead or Rx pad documentation for not only my hubbys insulin and pen needles he takes three/four times a day, but for the bipap machines we use to stay alive when we sleep. Believe it or not, we are not old seniors and only in our mid 50's, but sure does sound like we are on deaths road when you look at our medical situations.
Again, thank you everyone for the suggestions, and once again, I ask that you forgive my snappy attitude earlier.