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Originally posted by SSUS_NJ:
Originally posted by Ron Clark:

That's not what Mr. Veitch wrote. Here's the quote,
"Mr. Veitch’s reply was as follows:

“Dear Sir,
Thank you for your inquiry. I do not recall saying she could possibly be scrapped, though I did say that her condition had deteriorated because of the less than satisfactory lay-up when she was first withdrawn from her prior owner’s service. We do have plans for the ship and therefore are not in a position to respond to your request for an asking price.

Sincerely, Colin Veitch”

Why do some always change statements, unintentional as it may be, from others to fit their causes?
Note the words in bold. As I said in my post, Mr. Veitch denied others claims that he had previously said the Independence would be scrapped. I didn't change his statement. Quit splitting hairs, Ron!!!!!

Here's what you wrote again:

...and recently (in response to Reuben's letters), Colin Veitch has been denying plans to scrap Oceanic/Independence (at least for now)... but is towing the party line of "investigating possible uses for the ship"... same as SSUS.

He didn't deny plans to scap the Independence, he denied ever saying so. There is a difference between dening something, and denying he never said something. Also, phrases like

"towing the party line"

gave me the impression you were exaggerating what he said. Sorry if I over reacted, but that was the impression I got.
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