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and all in two days
There was actually more to report, but I was trying to keep the review down to a dull roar.

For example, I saw the 70s Disco Show one night on the Promenade. Lots of dancers in costumes, loud music, and the appearance of The Village People act. Folks were dancing on a bridge across the Promenade, on spiral staircases, balconies and on the floor. It was very festive. The crowd was huge and everyone was having a good time.

I even took a ride on the carousel, and got a picture of Richard Fain, the corporation's CEO, on the carousel with his wife.

I had a slice of Mexican pizza from Sorrento's late at night one night. My roommate had the cheese pizza, and she said it was terrific. I watched adults and kids alike enjoying their new look after visiting the face painting desk on the Boardwalk.

I walked into the Jazz on 4 club and heard only about 5 minutes of really good jazz before the group went on break. I attended a "Technology of the Oasis" talk and learned a lot about RCI's efforts to make the Oasis as green a ship as possible, along with hearing a lot of cutting edge technology in use on the ship.

One thing I didn't do a lot of: sleep!