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On the Pre pay tips.. You can give extra to anyone you want.otherwise no you dont need to pay ANYONE,they are paid..We do give a $1.00 to whom ever delivers our room service.. Carnival pays out your tips for you..As for how much cash. It depends on you.. We take about $400.00 for a 7day cruise and we always come back some..As for as beach time.. I would suggest that you purchase the beach excursion with CARNIVAL. You are a first time cruiser. Til you are a seasoned one and know the ropes better to be safe then sorry. Cozumel has a great one,the
Playa beach break $35.00 and up..Must pack.. Sunblock.water camera.swim suit.maybe a hair dryer(you can check on that one)Asprin and bandaids..You can bring soft drinks if they are in your carry on..Drinks start around $6.00 and up.. I mever buy beer so i dont know about that one.. My motto is if you dont have fun on a was your fault. Get involved with all the activites and you will have a blast..Your first cruise is a learning one.The more you go the easier they get!

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