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Hey everyone,

I will be going on the Liberty of the Seas in December, 2007. One of the stops will be Grand Cayman. Well, my family is thinking of that being the day to relax on the beach as on all the other ports we will be doing shore excursions. However, I'm nervous to visit Seven Mile Beach because I'm thinking it's going to be so crowded. I believe the date the ship stops there is December 19th, and with it being close to the holidays, I don't know how busy it will be.

Does anyone suggest going here or is there a better beach? We though about Rum Point, but that's a long ways from the ship. Or, does anyone know if we could get access to stay at a resort for the day for a fee? I know there are some excursions that take you to a resort, but we wanted maybe something more upscale where we know we won't be disappointed, since I have read reviews from previous passengers not liking the hotel.

If someone could let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!