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Originally posted by brneyes:
Islandcruz, since I am NEW to some of this area, you just mentioned (Neil had done as well)something about the "rate code?" To tell you the truth, I have no clue what you two are referring to when you talk about the "rate code", or where to look for it???
Hi brneyes, Well it confuses me sometimes. Neil would prolly be better at explaining it, but I will try..and then he can correct me if I am wrong. Which I love, because I learn something each time.

There are different booking and promotional codes that cruise agents use. Some examples of the codes are; Best Fare Cabin Assigned, Best Fare Guaranteed Category, Super Saver, One Day Sale, Past Guest, Resident, Senior, Military etc.

When one books a cruise a code is used for what type of pricing and promotion they are booking under. It depends on the sailing date and the promotion offered for that sailing. And those rates can go up or down within the rate code.

All cruises don't have all the rate codes available. In your case you are looking for a Senior Rate to be added.

Also, some of the rate categories offer upgrades, some do not. So it can get complicated switching between them. You might get a lower rate for an original booking, but you might not get the upgrade if you change the rate code.

As far as the Senior rates, you really have to search for them as they are not as common. Unfortunately they are not listed on the CCL site. Most of the other Promotions are listed.

Click here and look to the right where it says View All Select a promotion. Then select Military or Past Guest as an example. Read the fine print at the bottom of either and you will find a "fare code" that has to be used to get that promotion pricing. No need to worry about the codes themselves, just tell whoever you book with which promotion you are looking at. Hope this helped a little with this confusing topic for most of us.

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