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Thanks Hank,
I am trying to work out the best way to get to the ship from the airport. As my wife and I are both over 70 and pensioners we want to get to the ship by the best and god forbid cheapest means because the exchange rate is horrendous about 0.61USD to 1.00NZD and there is every likelyhood it will worsen. The options we have are not very good either, we can't book our flights and accomodation through Carnival as (a) our travel agent advises us that you can only do this if you live in USA or UK so being in New Zealand doesn't help us and (b) if we could he tells us the cost is a rip off.
So we are left with Travelling from Manchester England on the 12th arriving about midday. This means we have to stay overnight somewhere and travell down to the ship the following day.We could get the train from Rome but my wife is very nervous about that, so what other options have we got?
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