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If you don't mind, what is your age and do you have an aversion to riding/driving a scooter? My wife and I were there 2 years ago. We are in our mid 40's. We don't ride motorcycles at home but I rode when I was a kid. Lots of people HIGHLY reccomended that we not rent a scooter. We did and we had a blast. You can see so much more on your own in much better time than the bus can take you. One day we took the scooter on the ferry from Hamilton to Kings Warf and toured the whole way back to the ship on small back roads. If there were impatient people behind us we would always pull over at the bus stops to let them go by, and all was well. It took my wife a little bit to get use to riding on the back, but got that pretty quick. On our last day on the island anybody that didn't have a scooter didn't have enough time to get off the boat and to any beaches by bus. We had the most beautiful rocky beaches all to our selves. Have a wonderful time on one of the most beautiful islands.