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Originally posted by sparks1093:

I read that those cards have RFID chips in them.
I believe new passports are being made with the RFID chips, also.

I don't anticpate traveling by air outside of the country for quite awhile, so a passport card would save quite a bit of money (I have to buy for 7). And by the time I do need a passport I can switch from passport card to passport without having to do so in person. Some border states (such as Vermont) have agreed to issue enhanced driver's licenses that can be used for land travel.

Just a few question.

Ok, lets say you have the passport card, how long are they good for? Now you want to switch to a passport but still have time left on the card will you get any time or $ credit.
The enhanced driver license would that be good in other states or just the state of issue, as in a Vermont license to go to Canada, can a Vermont license be used in Washington State to go to Canada

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