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We cruise the Alaskan Voyage of the Glaciers with Princess in June, with Port stops at Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. We have already reserved the railway excursion out of Skagway, having heard so much about it. I don't want to do an excursion in Ketchikan - that's a place I definately see my husband and I wandering around. However, Juneau is what I would like feedback about. I have almost decided to reserve the Mendenhall Glacier excursion ahead of time also. If we do that in the morning, we have time for another excusion at 3PM. If we do that, I would like to do the Rainforest Gardens one. Okay so the discussion I would like to see is if it is really the smart thing to do to do two excursions in Juneau, to see the most, or if it is smarter to do one, and then wander around the rest of the time. Also, I get the impression from the Princess Packet that excursion such as the ones I've mentioned may have wait lists by the time you get on ship, so it's wise to reserve. Is this true? Thanks ahead of time.