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My fiance and I got back from our cruise on the Vision on Sunday. We had a WONDERFUL time. One thing is still perplexing us, though...

We were seated at a table on the bottom level in the very center of the dining room. Our table was right next to the Captain's table (though it was always empty, as we had 1st seating and we heard that the Captain came to 2nd). Our head waiter was the head waiter who got on the microphone and did the announcements on the nights when the dining staff sang for us. He seemed to be the "head" of the head waiters and came around to chat with us at length every evening. To top it off, we had chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to our stateroom the last night of the cruise with a card saying they were compliments of our dining room staff. But don't misunderstand me... I'm certainly not complaining!

There were 2 other 20-something couples at our table, and we were all C&A Members... 2 couples were Gold and one was Platinum... might that be why we were treated so special? Or is what I have described not all that out of the ordinary? My parents are Platinum C&A members and were a little jealous when I told them because they've never gotten free strawberries.