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A note to let you all know that Mike, mom and myself are fine. We had some major flooding in town due to 10" of rain in less than 24 hours. Our assisted living facility, clinic, pharmacy and day care all suffered major damage with approximately anywhere from 2-4 feet of water in each facility. There is also a trailer park here in town that had water as high as some of the roofs, these families have lost everything, and are lower income families. The city of Stockton, between us and Winona, was mandatorally evacuated starting at 11:00 p.m. on Saturday night as houses were being washed off their foundations. The town of Elba and the Whitewater Valley, approximately 10 miles from us, were evacuated as well because of rapidly rising water. These people were evacuated to the St. Charles High School here in town. I know 2 people were killed near the small town of Wytoka, along I-90 when their car drove into a 25 foot sink hole in the road that was not visible when they were driving. A total of 2 vehicles went into it. A sheriffs deputy from Winona County who was trying to evacuate Stockton, and was still in her squad car, was washed off the road but managed to escape. We are hearing reports of 5 people killed in Stockton, but I have not verified that. If you are interested in checking out the flooding issues near us, check out, our local Rochester TV station or, the Winona newsapaper.

Again, we are all safe.