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I cannot remember all the details of the report, as I did not get in on the beginning of the letter.

The letter read that they had to cross in front of a fat (their term)person going and coming, who was on the isle, and this person would not get up, to let them move in front, to get to either the center or window seat. Of course this was not the airlines fault, but it sounded like they were to have some other (they gave seats to someone else) seats, and when they spoke to the stewardess, or who ever, they never made the people moved so they could have their seats.

Then on top of this, the airline lost part of their luggage, and did not get it back until time to go back home, a couple days later. (I "KNOW" about this experience, as when we cruised a few years ago, the Taxi service,
LOST our luggage for almost 5 days.) It was a experience.

Hopefully we won't have problems with this airline. I'm going to think positive.