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We booked with them for Nov.1, Liberty, out of Miami, 7 nights OV and the total ended up being $1422 with all the fuel charges and insurance. Last time I did it all through Carnival myself. Thought I'd try the TA route. Hasn't worked out so well with the hurricane hitting Houston, where they are stationed. Been very slow getting service, which I totally understand! Just bad timing.
Originally posted by Tom Sodemann:
I went to their website which boasts last minute deals and I find Nov 29 Carnival Liberty for $389 (inside) sailing out of Miami for 7 days Eastern Carib. That's $55 /day / person. Then I find a flight from Chicago to Miami for $280 / person (including all fees). That's less than $100 total/person.

These prices seem too good to be true. Are they?